Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day Eight Post Surgery- Day One At Home

I finally made it home on day eight post surgery. I couldn't blog from the nursing home/rehab because the Fred Flintstone computer was just too slow. It took me 90 minutes to type something that shouldn't take more than about 20 minutes. My surgical calf blew up like a balloon Popeye style just sitting there.

I spent three much needed days at the facility as I wasn't ready to go home from the hospital. I was there an extra day as it was.Since I arrived on a Sat I got just a basic evaluation but didn't receive any rehab either Sat or Sunday. But the rest was good as the leg felt a little better each day and I got a chance to get up and about on the crutches and walker.

Except for Saturday I stopped  taking the Percocet once I got to the facility. it relieved the moderate pain but didn't want to  continue getting clogged up. It was 5 days since the choo choo train came in to the station. Yesterday I got a good evaluation to see if I was ready to go home. They taught me how to use crutches, get  in an out of chairs, walk on an uneven pavement and refreshed what I shouldn't do to dislocate the hip. I got in about 30 minutes of rehab.  I was taught how to shoot myself up in the stomach with Lovenox which is a blood thinner. Blood clots can form until the device is healed internally.

Each day I got a little better. I can see for the first couple of weeks this is one day at a time Walking short distances with the crutches or is a great excuse for nap time. Much of the walking I got was with walker going from the bed to the bathroom and back. Most of the people prefer the walker, I prefer crutches for longer distances.

It is great to be in the comforts of home. Wonderful. I still have some challenges. My new hip leg is very swollen  below the knee when I  stand or sit in a chair. The only thing that keeps it from blowing up is lying down. While some swelling is normal, my Popeye calf is due, I believe, to a pre existing condition. The left leg has always a little thicker than the right due to constantly getting pounded by baseballs and softballs when I used to catch 15-20 years ago.. Tight socks will make an indentation in the bad leg and not the good one. I hope because of the  surgery it hasn't gotten worse. I also have a very low grade fever between 99.5-99.9. While this is typical in the few days after surgery it should be gone by now. I will call the doctor tomorrow morning.

 I still have moderate pain although not as bad as the fist few days.It is still difficult to move around, like getting up from the bed or down to a couch. I am pretty confident it will continue to get better. Once erect (on crutches), it is reasonably easy to get about. I did my first decent walk outside today going down the block and back. I almost  didn;t make it back as I walked a bit too far. I wound up walking 285 yards at 1.1 mph. Took my Garmin GPS from the bike.

I just want to say "the wife" has been great throughout this. Without April cheering me up  every day at the hospital and nursing facility it would have been almost impossible.I could look forward to seeing her and enjoying the goodies she brought always making sure I always had everything I needed. She always looked great.. At home it has been more, much more of the same. April and Allison went shopping buying the ingredients to make a Yarlsburger and asparagus dinner. Yummy.

After reading this through I can see it was more interesting when written on the pain meds.


  1. Mr. Markets here! good 2 see you made it home, but sorry your experience has been so much harder than i had in the past.

    Have you talked toyour doc about wearing calf-high TET-hose? They may really help you. Sounds like you havesome vascular valve damage in your leg which makes it harder to pump up the blood northwards. Not much you can do to fix it but if the doc says the TET are okay, i bet they help. My dad had a standing factory job for years which screwed up his legs and those were his savior. Wore them every day.

    I have a crutch hint for you for getting up out of bed if you have solid floorsa which are not slippery. Get a crutch under your bad side on an angle as high as possible and lever your way up with your good hand. you get up kinda sideways but it makes rising much easier.

    hang in there!

  2. This is your bro (not Morty, ha,ha.) Glad to see you finally made it home. I don't know how old Mr. Markets was or how much athletics Mr. Markets participated in before his procedure. Every surgical experience is different.

    Also, I think our family has a history of swollen legs and ankles. Dad always had them and he almost made 92 years old, even with his weight. I frequently get them and I am in good health, as well, even though I hardly exercise.

    Hang in there and be patient with your rehab. You will be fine.

  3. Andy, it is good to be home and hear from you. The chance of Morty both being on one of these blogs and saying hello, well my chances are better at winning the lottery. The swelling in my leg a little bit better today. Sitting in the wheel chair posting that first blog at the facility as I call it really set the leg back. The swelling seems to be getting better each day. The walk of almost 3 football fields, yesterday, the first day home seemed to help pump the fluid out. although I will always at best have a small problem there.

    I know Mr Markets from a bike forum. He is a pretty cool and nice guy. He had his first hip done in May of this year and wrote daily reports of his progress on a bike forum. It gave me the idea of this blog, although for pure information his is better than mine. I am an internet hound when it comes to information and gathered a lot for myself. But I have to say his blog was the single best source of information for me as what to expect post surgery. Coincidentally he needed to have his second hip done and his was done the same day as mine. I will update later.

  4. 3 football fields? good for you! i just walk like 2 blocks and am happy. i slowly escalate up. i should note that there was a time i kept pusing myself every day & really not giving my body down time to heal. when i slowed down, things healed better.

    I hope you look into the TED hose. i thinkthey will help from what you describe. they are by prescription i believe as well.

    keep up the good work -- all w/time!