Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 12 Post Surgery Day 5 At Home

Pretty much another lazy day in slug mode at home. The pain which I still have is an allover ache in the repaired leg from the knee to the hip. Unfortunately it is about the same as yesterday. Maybe the slug mode is not a good strategy. I will try to become more active tomorrow and see if that helps.

I haven't mentioned that I have been on Lovenox which is an anti clotting agent from the moment I entered the recovery room 12 days ago. Blood clots can sometimes form in the leg and travel throughout the body landing in places you don't want. It is an expensive well engineered needle delivery system which is administered in the stomach area twice a day. At the hospital the nurses gave the shot. At home it is self administered. Something I do not look forward too.  There is always the possibility of getting an injury that could cause bleeding that would be hard to control. You also can't take any blood thinning pain relievers like Aspirin or Advil. With the light to moderate pain I have I would much rather take Advil than the Percocet. At least in the daytime.

I mentioned a few days ago that "The Wife", April has been taking great care of me both in the Hospital and at home. It is a comfort to know that she is always there for me. April long ago planned a well  deserved getaway with a few of her friends for the weekend.. In her place, "The Girl" my 17 year old daughter,  Allison has stepped in. She has brought me food and any anything else I needed, set the table and cleaned the dishes. When I am in pain or a little depressed seeing her smile makes me instantly feel better. She hasn't left the house in the two days April has been gone. Amazing in itself for a teenager to stay home Friday and Saturday night.

I can't find the words to describe how lucky I am.


  1. Hey Gerald..I'm abit surprised at how different some of the pre-op and post-op protocols are. I was given pre-op exercises to do and post-op along with the PT 3x's per week for 6 weeks. Some of these exercises fare done before I get out of bed...really helps with the stiffness. I was also given Coumadin for blood thinning and took that for day of surgery for 3 weeks and was tested twice a week. The shots sound horrible...pretty sure I couldn't do that myself...I think its interesting comparing different treatments...We are lucky to have such great husband has been a trooper....and great nurse. Hope you have a good day!

  2. Dolly, I guess it depends on the level of insurance as far as getting a PT to visit that many times. I have what I would consider average insurance for around here, the New York area. I could probably get 6 visits if I pushed it. Pre op I kept myself in fairly decent shape going to the gym once or twice a week. I also was riding my bike about 50 miles a week. I rode 40 miles 4 days before surgery. I walked about 1/4 mile this morning on crutches putting about 50 percent weight on both my legs. I am a little concerned I am not being tested for the anti clotting agent. It is possible the shot gives a more accurate delivery, as opposed to taking something orally where what is in the stomach affects actual drug concentration. I don't know. I see the doctor in 3 days and if given the go ahead I will step up my activity greatly. I am getting around pretty well though.