Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 17 Post Surgery Day 10 At Home

Pretty much an uneventful day today. I am walking only with the assistance of one crutch.

Since I went off the Lovinox yesterday I can now take more traditional NSAID medications for the minor pain which still remains. I took two Advil in the morning which took about half the pain away. What was left I could deal with. As the Advil wore off I took a Mobic which is similar to Advil but lasts about 15 hours.

My exercise consisted of  running around (in the car) doing a lot of errands. So it was in and out of the car probably 6 or 7 times. I  also did the 7 exercises the therapist gave me with a little more intensity and repetitions.

Like a newborn baby I counted and documented my progress on a daily basis. As the baby gets older the days turn into weeks. So as I will soon arrive at three weeks I will be posting weekly for the most part. If anybody has any questions or would like some additional information between posts please email me at;


  1. Is the pain you have now from the incision or muscular? The pain I have with the hip is muscular pain in the groin, hamstrings and buttocks. I don't have any actual joint pain. My fear is not to have relief after hip surgery.

  2. Not really sure the source of the pain although it is not from the incision. It is a general ache deep within the leg from the knee up to the hip.

    That said, today I have the least amount of pain so far. It was a little sore in the morning but now 10:30 at night I hardly feel anything. The pain might be due to doing too much because today except for driving around and getting in and out of the car I haven't really done anything. At week two I walked about 8 blocks and last night around this time I did the 7 exercises the therapist gave me some of which are pretty hard. Last night I was in a lot of pain after. I think there is a balance between doing too much and giving yourself a day of mostly rest.

    Getting back to your current pain. Hip arthritis where you need to get it replaced typically presents itself as upper groin pain.
    That is what I had. I just thought it was some kind of muscle pull or inflammation. As it got worse it started to hurt around the butt area. At that point I realised it was something about the hip but thought a simple cortisone shot would fix it. I was shocked when the doctor told me it needed to be replaced.

    I have done a lot of research on hip replacement. If there is a common theme from everyone that has had it is that they are glad they had it done and wish they did it sooner. That is why I did mine right away and am glad I did.