Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 15 Post Surgery Day 8 At Home

Another uneventful day which I guess is good.

I got some good exercise in today. I did all 7 of the different leg exercises the physical therapist gave me for the first time. Except for leg lifts they all involve holding on to a ledge and moving the legs  in different directions to build up the muscles. The hardest and  most painful were knee bends. My walk involved trying to chase the ice cream truck as it  creeped through the neighborhood with its little jingle. There I was in my pajama pants, in broad daylight with two crutches, going about 2 mph wandering around the neighborhood. I never did get my ice cream but did manage to walk about 1/3rd of a mile.

After more than two weeks post surgery what amazes me most is how tired, exhausted really, I am after the most simple of any physical activity. Even after my shower tonight I was drained.

Tomorrow, the stitches come out and I get to talk to the surgeon.

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