Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 11 Post Surgery Day 4 At Home

Nothing much happened today. Basically day two in slug mode. No walks, no specific exercises. When the physical therapist evaluated me on Wednesday he said I was progressing well and was almost a week ahead of schedule as far as I was getting around and the repaired hip in general.

Each day I get a little bit better so I decided not to push it due to the pain, which is slightly better than yesterday. I took a half a Percocet in the early evening and it took the edge off. The swelling is almost all down to what it should be considering there was major surgery on that leg. I took a few steps using just one crutch just to see where I was progressing and I can do a couple of leg lifts with the repaired leg. My thinking is my getting around and about is providing somewhat of a workout and I want the bone to grow into the implant and all of the muscles and tendons that were re-attached to heal before I push it. After the two week check up I will ask the surgeon what I  can do. 


  1. Do you still have the home care therapist visiting? Did they give you any exercises to do daily? Glad to hear that each day gets better.

  2. Not sure if the home care physical therapist is coming again. The agency said they were trying to get 6 visits authorized, the first is basically automatic. They said I would have a copay of $40 although my plan says $30. He left a series of exercises which are similar to ones I found on the internet. Since I am not doing the exercises anyway and don't want to pay even the $30 per visit I never called back to push the agency. Basically the goal of the insurance company is to deny making payment and it is up to the consumer to try to force them to do so. If I really wanted the therapy I would have my doctor call and insist I needed them and the insurance company would more than likely approve them.