Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 10 Post Surgery, Day 3 At Home

Today I turned into a slug all day, pretty much just lying around napping. My main exercise was getting up to go to the bathroom which at my age happens quite often. Maybe that is Nature's way of forcing people to move around a bit. Anyway I had a general aching feeling in my upper leg last night and this morning which forced me to take a Percocet both times. A little more pain than I expected.

I figured it as due to all of the activity yesterday. At around 10am I had a physical therapist come over from the home health service, which most insurance covers, to evaluate my house for safety and me for progress. Of course when he wanted to see the upstairs he made sure I  dragged myself up. He showed me how to safely get in and out of the bath tub. Which he did so well  I snuck a shower when April  went out later. He then went through some basic exercises which I had to perform in front of him because he must of been afraid I couldn't understand his stick figure diagrams. The terrorist. I was pretty tired when he left and figured I could get a 45 minute in before the nurse, from the same home service arrived.

True to form  the nurse showed up about 20 minutes early and before I was fully up was showing me how to jab a needle in my stomach area to avoid blood clots. She said I no longer needed to  have the wound covered. (A picture of which is displayed right after the cover came off). We went through some other stuff and she left. Finally nap time.Later on in the late afternoon I took a nice 4 block walk, on crutches with April. I was walking better than the first day home probably putting about 40-50 percent weight on the "fixed leg. I am generally moving about much better and have more control over the repaired leg.

 One of my main problems, besides more pain than I expected (I don't want to give the impression I am in a lot of pain just a general ache from the knee to my butt), was trying to sleep only on  my back. I don't know about anyone else but I always sleep on my side. The repaired side is most comfortable with the other my 2nd choice in tossing and turning. Because of the surgery I have to sleep on my back with a pillow between my legs to prevent dislocation.

So seeing how being a slug didn't help, tomorrow I will try to be a little more active, doing my stick figure exercises and maybe another walk.


  1. I know what you mean im on day 6 post op and the laying on my back is killing me already

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