Friday, December 25, 2009

Three and A Half Months

They say that with a total hip replacement that it will take the patient a full year before there will be 100 percent recovery. What that means at a year the hip will be what it will be. Pretty much forever. Hopefully that is perfection.  For if there are problems, well  that's all folks.

Fortunately for me I would say at this point I am probably 90 percent. If the hip didn't improve any further I would be satisfied. While it is not perfect basically the only areas for improvement  the  (repaired) leg needs to get stronger and maybe some more range of motion. I  can ride 60 miles and can even jog a bit.

However the scar is pretty (oxymoron) ugly. Being a typical male it doesn't stop me from showing it off. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

12 Weeks Post Surgery

I haven't posted in a while as at this point in the recovery the changes are more gradual. While I am not fully recovered my life, physically at least, has returned to normal. The hip is no longer holding me back. While the new hip is not 100% I'm getting dam close to it.

1. The leg difference has been reduced to a 1/4 inch or less, so my limp, while still there, is hardly noticable anymore. At this rate it should be fully gone in another month or so. It is not unusual to have a limp for up to a year.

2. My bike riding has progressed to where I am riding noticeably better than  before the replacement. However I have a small ways to go before regaining the full strength  I was about a hear ago. My weakness is going up steeper hills as I haven't developed the ability to sustain power long enough needed to make to the top with most of the other riders in my group. A 50 to 60 mile ride is not a big deal anymore.

3. I now have better flexibility than before the surgery doing such things as reaching down to tie my shoes. There is still a small amount of stiffness when I am in one position for a while ,like lying down or sitting, and then getting up. But what once was pain and discomfort for a few minutes is now only a minor discomfort for a few steps. I also expect that to be gone in a month.

4. I generally feel normal physically, actually better overall than before the surgery as at that point the degeneration of the hip was taking it's toll.

I feel blessed to be able to have such a great recovery.