Friday, December 25, 2009

Three and A Half Months

They say that with a total hip replacement that it will take the patient a full year before there will be 100 percent recovery. What that means at a year the hip will be what it will be. Pretty much forever. Hopefully that is perfection.  For if there are problems, well  that's all folks.

Fortunately for me I would say at this point I am probably 90 percent. If the hip didn't improve any further I would be satisfied. While it is not perfect basically the only areas for improvement  the  (repaired) leg needs to get stronger and maybe some more range of motion. I  can ride 60 miles and can even jog a bit.

However the scar is pretty (oxymoron) ugly. Being a typical male it doesn't stop me from showing it off. 


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  3. I am glad to hear that you are fine. Sometimes Total Hip replacement Surgeon will recommend a preoperative exercise program to build muscle and increase flexibility. This can help with your recovery.