Monday, March 29, 2010

A New Biking Season Has Arrived

It has been a while since I updated the blog. Christmas Day to be exact.  The colder than normal winter here in the North East of the US has limited my usual weekly winter riding to weakly riding which to me is once or twice a month.

While starting around March 1st I have been riding every week, about 50 miles per ride, and the hip feels good, a recent article in the NY Times has caused me some grief.  If you scroll further down the blog you will clearly see  that the artificial all metal device in question is the hip residing in my body. While the failure rate is pretty low, 3-4%, my average 4 hour ride is an extra approximately 20,000 revolutions of the hip at an 80 cadence (per minute) above and beyond my normal activities.

While I am clearly not a hypochondriac, even though I have been accused of being one dozens of times from multiple people over many years,  my hip does seem to ache. By some strange coincidence the ache or pain started a day or two after the  I read the article. What are the chances of that?

However I feel good about my 52 mile ride yesterday. Real good.

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