Friday, April 15, 2011

My New Bike Passion

It has been over a year since my last update.  I can't say the hip is 100%, then again at almost 63 I am at best about 80-90% of my former self physically. Even that is a probably an exaggeration.. Anyway the new,(well new 18 months ago) hip has allowed me to take up mountain biking. A much more dangerous endeavor where I average one or two crashes per ride and if I land wrong on the new, well almost new, hip I am in deep shit. 

I think it is cool  at my advanced age I have a new passion. Something I can look forward to each weekend. I still ride the road bike  50-60 milers  just to make sure the new, well almost new, hip isn't defective. I mean I'll never find out sitting on the couch if it really works.


  1. Hello. My name is Mihai and I'm 33 yrs old and I live in Romania. I will have a total hip replacement (left and right hip,the left one first) in about 10 ten days. For now I am almost imobile due to pain. I am (was) a mountain biker(XC biking) untill 8 months ago when a blood infection almost killed me. The drugs the doctors gave me to save my life (2 types of extremely powerful antibiotics) administered for a long period of time (about 2 months) saved but crippled me. I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis and hip artrosis on both hips but I was alive. I had to wait 6 months for the doctors to be sure that the infection is gone and all my blood tests are perfect so they can schedule me for hip replacement. I was inclining for hip resurfacing but the surgeon recomended the "normal" procedure with a ceramic on ceramic prosthesis.
    I am glad I discovered your blog,I will read it thoroughly to see what to expect from now on from my new hips .I just hope I can go back to XC mountain biking (and maybe a little snowboarding once in a while)

  2. Mihai,I just noticed your comment. By now I assume you have had the surgery. At my age I didn't have as many options, especially as far as the resurfacing. There are many opinions on this.

    In theory the resurfacing, especially at your age, is the best option. Because of the larger surface there is more range of motion and less of the femur head (ball) is removed. If a revision or the parts wear out there is (in theory more to work with) However there is no long term testing of this. Also my understanding is the new surface is glued which in traditional surgeries going back doesn't last as long as when the stem is textured, treated with a bone growing chemical to secure the device.

    After seeing an X-ray of my surgery not much of the femur head was cut off leaving, in my opinion plenty to work with if further surgery was necessary.

    I have a metal on metal device with an expectancy of about 15-25 years. In your case I believe the ceramic will last even longer. The downside I have read is sometimes it will squeak. Not sure if that is due to the device itself, how precisely it was implanted or more likely a combination of the two.

    So. With all of the choices your surgeon had I think he made the best choice. Without complications you should have at least 25 years of use, plenty of bone to work with and new devices coming down the pike.

    Please feel free to email me or post to the comments on your progress. This is one of the reasons I started the blog. As they say your mileage may vary

  3. Hi. I've been following your blog because I'm interested in hip surgery and the usual things we expect after surgery. I think being immobile is the hardest thing one could ever get into especially if you're an active person before the surgery. From your own experiences, I can tell that you're getting the results you had expected. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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  4. Good for you and good thing also that you never end up filing a lawsuit because a lot of people with the same situation as yours do. Just continue to be an inspiration for everybody and stay healthy.

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  8. Its really great thing that you are having so much curiosity even after having such deadly problem, great. How you be well soon.

  9. Hi Gerald,

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    Best of luck on mountain biking! :)

  10. I just came across your blog and would like to thank you as I have found it very informative and your personal journey interesting. It was also interesting comparing my Canadian experience vs your experience. I am almost 3 weeks post surgery and very pleased with the results so far. While I have had the staples removed I have yet to see the surgeon for the usual two week follow up (this will be in 2 days) as he has been on vacation. While I'm an avid swimmer I also like to do recreational, easy paced cycling and thought I would be very nervous to try it again, more so because of fear of falling off. However, since we are entering our Canadian winter I will not consider anything more than a stationary bike until the warner weather. Since your last blog was 3 years ago I hope all is still going well.

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