Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 13 Post Surgery Day 6 At Home

Time is starting to fly. I will have two weeks after tomorrow. Once you get past the pain and discomfort of the first week this whole process gets better. I hope I look back at where I am now in a few weeks and can say the same.

I left slug mode today. Finally. Not a lot of physical activity just the right amount..I walked, with crutches about 1/4 mile going up the block and back at a slightly faster pace than a few days ago and wasn't as drained as the last time. I estimate there was about 50% of my weight on both legs.  A  few leg exercises.were in store managing  15 leg lifts. Three or four days ago I couldn't lift my leg  an inch off the bed.. I also did a few leg extensions sitting at the edge of the bed. So nothing major here. I am in a little less pain than yesterday so maybe the extra work helped. Tomorrow there will be more.I seem to get  the pain later on in the evening. A Percocet and a half should do the trick. Last night it was two.

I also noticed the surgical leg is longer than the other. By lying on the bed, both legs evenly outstretched, April and Allison estimated the difference is slightly over half an inch.  Maybe 3/4 of an inch which is I'm not thrilled about. Not much I can do about it at this point.

It was great  having Allison take care of me. Her smile is special and comforting. I saw a maturity in her I hadn't experienced before. However I missed April very much. I knew approximately when she was coming home and every time I heard a car drive up the street I was like a kid hoping it was her each time. When she finally arrived I  wasn't disappointed.  All is well again.


  1. Once you get through the first two weeks...the rest is gravy! You will really start seeing improvements every day....just remember not to overdue because you feel so good...LOL...I wonder if maybe when you get fully mobil on your own if the difference in leg length won't be so much....I have about 1/4"...but since getting other hip done...I'm even again...LOL..So glad your feeling better...not so much a slug! LOL

  2. Paula and I were on a short cruise,so this is my first day back. Glad to see the progress you are making. There is a lot of dad/husband love showing in your message. Don't overdo it.

  3. Gerald, sounds like you're right on track (doing even better actually than I did the first time around). Those shots really suck, don't they? Thankfully I only had to do mine once a day for 2 weeks. One of the biggest physical problems I had was getting my surgical leg up into the bed - it seemed to take forever before I was able to do it on my own. I had to snicker (sorry!) about the sleeping on the back thing. I'm a back sleeper as well and am currently taking advantage of the fact that I can sleep on my sides for one more week, knowing good and well, it will be awhile before I'll have that "tossing" luxury again. Keep up the good work!