Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Week Seven Post Surgery

Progress  continues at a steady pace luckily there haven't been any pot holes. I go to outside physical therapy twice a week and think I am one of the few that asks to increase the weights.My limp has lessened to where it is only slightly noticeable..  There is still  soreness moving from one position to another like sitting for a spell and getting up to walk.  However this is much less then even a week ago. Sleeping is much better as I can sleep on either side for a few hours before the soreness wakes me up. For the first time I can bend enough at  my waist to tie my left shoe, probably one of the most convenient advances.

My cycling continues to improve  reaching 40 miles over the past weekend while increasing  climbing by about 75% over the last ride. All while going 3 tenths of a mile faster. Riding up any kind of hill at my old pace is difficult as a combination of being out of aerobic shape and not being able to push hard on the pedals is holding me back. However I can now climb out of the saddle for the first time for any length of time. I should now be able to keep up with the B- group as long as it isn't one of those silly rides where we go round and round in circles looking for anything resembling a hill. Stats from the last ride.

I will be seeing the surgeon next week for my 8 week check up.


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