Monday, October 5, 2009

Four Weeks Post Surgery

 I finally arrived at four weeks. When I was in the hospital in severe pain one month seemed like an eternity.Overall I am satisfied with my recovery.

 I went on my third  bike ride yesterday, exactly three weeks and six days from the slicing, dicing and stapling. For the first time I felt I belonged on the bike. I was riding the bike, not the other way around. While I am still below where I would normally be speed wise, 15.4 mph for 20 (very flat) miles reflected a vast improvement from one week ago of 13 miles at 13.8 mph.  I could accelerate, although modestly. Next week I am planning  an also flat 25 miles. After that  the challenge of the hills begin.

The front lawn was looking very sad and sorry from not having it's favorite hair dresser, my son, take care of it.Lately he has been giving himself a headache at some school in Baltimore with an "s" after it's first name.It has been more than five weeks so a trim would not work. A full styling was in order. So out came the lawn mower with me behind as it was converted into an expensive, mechanical and noisy walker. Without those tennis balls on the bottom of course.  Did I add heavy as all of the turns necessary to maneuver the mover over the postage size lawn made me feel I was wrestling Hulk Hogan.  Between the riding and the wrestling I was exhausted and sore.

I had been walking with only the assistance of a cane for just under a week. A few days ago I tossed the cane and started walking on my own. Mostly shorter distances, like around the house, shopping in a store if I got a good spot.. I forgot about yesterdays excesses and was abruptly reminded first thing this morning. So out came the cane from the dumpster which will be used for the next day or so.

The vast majority of the pain is gone. Certainly nothing that can't be controlled with a few Advil. Sleeping is another matter however.  I am typically a poor sleeper. Trying to sleep on my back is improbable at best. While  allowed to sleep on my side, my preferred choice, the surgical side is out for at least a couple of weeks for obvious reasons. The "good" side while not where I would normally first turn seems to pull the muscles, or the internal stitches or something in there, (inside the gruesome cavity)  and after a while causes pain. I have tried all different combinations of pillows by tossing and turning them into place. So while I can fall asleep for an hour or so the pain wakes me up. It is improving daily and hopefully within a week won't have the pain.

Tomorrow I will see my primary doctor for a post surgical check and will start out patient physical therapy. I should be ready to kick some ass after that.


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